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Our fourth annual Volunteer-a-Thon is coming up on April 13-14, 2018!

Over a 26.2-hour period, League members, their families, and community members will perform service projects for a number of local non-profit organizations. The projects will include office work and physical projects like spring cleaning and landscaping. At the conclusion of the marathon of service, participants will gather at Carrier Park to share their experiences and a meal. Volunteer-a-Thon will begin at 1pm on Friday, April 13 and conclude at 4:12 pm on Saturday, April 14.

Volunteer-a-Thon is a fundraiser for the League which supports our mission of helping women perfect leadership skills through volunteerism and improving our community. In 2016, the estimated value of a volunteer hour in North Carolina was $22.99. Using this metric, League members will seek pledges from family, friends, and community members to support our service.

If you would like to support the League financially in connection with this event, please visit our Crowdrise page or consider serving as a corporate sponsor. The deadline for sponsors is April 2. We also welcome community member participation in this day of service. To join us, please register here on or before April 2, 2018. Participants in Volunteer-a-Thon who raise a minimum of $22.99 will be given a free t-shirt and are invited to attend the picnic at Carrier Park. Although you may join us at no charge, we ask that participants consider raising a minimum of $22.99 (approximately the amount charged for marathons and other races). The money that you raise helps to support our mission, and we are grateful for your financial support.

Registration has now closed for Volunteer-a-Thon project submissions.  We look forward to announcing the nonprofits we will be supporting during our Volunteer-a-Thon very soon!

Thank You to Our Sponsors

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