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The playroom at Steadfast House was completed in September 2015. JLA President Laura Herndon describes the playroom and the experience: “It is a safe place for children to learn and play. As the League continues to work in this space, we have been able to develop relationships with the children and women living at the Steadfast House. It is rewarding to know that the investment we have made in the educational playroom is truly paying off for the residents at Steadfast House.” Junior League of Asheville members kicked off programming at Steadfast House in September. That month, the women and children of Steadfast House enjoyed making fall-themed crafts with JLA members.

In November 2016, the League hosted a game night for Steadfast House. In December 2016, JLA provided a holiday celebration with games, crafts, and seasonal refreshments. For many JLA members, the volunteer shifts at Steadfast House have become something they look forward to with great joy. “The time spent at Steadfast House has made me realize the effort I put in really does go a long way” said Anna Richardson. “We may have different backgrounds, but at the end of the day we are all women wanting to better ourselves and our families. That unites us.”